Polycube Project:

Polycube Project is an open source project and a community of developers focusing on Linux-native networking and security inspired by IO Visor technologies and Cloud-native computing trends. Polycube is building a framework on which network functions can be easily written, deployed, composed, and updated lively in Linux kernel, Smart NIC, and switch ASICs. It’s a leap forward of SDN and NFV, which were mostly talking about virtualizing traditional network devices/boxes to software instances.

Among many projects leveraging eBPF for kernel visibility, Polycube is the framework converging networking and security with open programmability and high efficiency. Thus, Polycube-based network functions performs much better than comparable existing solutions, and to compose a network is transparently easy.


Polycube was initiated by the community of developers from founding companies of IO Visor project and academia. Check out the authors of Polycube here


Polycube leverages Linux BPF and XDP for high-performance software data plane, and BCC is used as the toolset programming BPF.