Networking Made Easy
with Linux Native Network Functions

Polycube is an open framework to build secure Networks with performance for Cloud, Edge, and IoT. A ”cube” contains a standalone network function or just a reusable module of network functions, and multiple cubes can be linked, or stacked, to create a network or more powerful network functions. Developers and administrators can easily create your own networks customized for your own needs.

Commonly used network functions have been developed by Polycube Authors for your immediate use, including Bridge, Router, NAT, Firewall, etc. and more functions are being developed by the community. For network developers, it has never been easier to write a network function for your environment.

A CNI plugin is ready for Kubernetes clustering with One-Click Deployment feature, which makes polycube-cni the easiest networking provider available for container clusters.

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Compose Networks with Micro Network Functions

Micro Network Functions contained in cubes are fully reusable in network functions, so that it’s practical now to customize a network function, e.g. virtual switch, for your special network requirements.

Composing a network is as simple as to link several pre-built network functions, then it makes possible to purposely built every network for different cluster environments.

Polycube dynamically program MNF logics to Linux Kernel, Smart NIC, and/or Programmable ASIC to update the in-use network functions, so that Live Update is now the first time possible for your production network infrastructure.

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Cloud Native Secure Networks for Kubernetes

Segmented designs of Network and Security have been carried on from Early Cloud Era, while Cloud Native Computing deserves better network solutions. With Polycube Functions, we’ve built a simplified while powerful network plugin for Kubernetes. One-Click deployment make is a breeze to network your container clusters.

A cluster should never be limited to one Cloud provider, and we believe all computing elements should be clustered securely. So we made the Multi-Cloud support native as well.

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A high-performance compatible alternative to Linux iptables

Built on top of Polycube framework, pcn-iptables is a high-performance firewall implementation which is compatible with the iptables commands.

BPF-based data plane implementation boosts performance up to 10 times compared to the original iptables

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